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Iche Food and Hospitality School


FUEGOS´ philosophy, embodied in the Iche School, considers food  an agent of economic, social and environmental change. The pedagogical model for the training of vulnerable people requires effort and dedication of time and knowledge related to practice.



The Iche School of Food and Hospitality bases its teaching method on the philosophy of learning by doing.


Thus, students spend half of their time in theoretical classes and the other half in practical training that allows them to apply the knowledge acquired in the different dimensions of the food value chain.



The integrative project at Iche is about researching a specific subject by applying the knowledge acquired throughout the training process at the School, which consolidates theory with reality and provides solutions to a given situation.

Combining the areas of gastronomy, culture and entrepreneurship, the integrative project allows students to prepare this final assignment to complete their course

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"Food builds a sustainable, fair society, creating opportunities"


At the  Iche School/Restaurant  the students complement their training with half-days of paid internship under the guidance and supervision of the restaurant staff.  

Located in the northern part of Manabí, the Food and Hospitality School opened its doors to train students from the counties of San Vicente, Jama, Pedernales and Sucre, who plan to work in the Province of Manabí and eventually all across Ecuador.  

Iche provides training and education services that provide opportunities to communities; recovering local gastronomy, supporting the economic and cultural development of the Province, and promoting the sustainable development of the diverse territories  High-quality training is offered, with the aim of placing value on Manabí´s culinary traditions, prioritizing young people and women from vulnerable communities in order to empower them to be the leaders of the new Manabi cuisine and entrepreneurs that generate social and economic opportunities.


Taking into account the integrative process at  Iche, students dedicate a month to visit previously contacted communities to share the experience acquired at the Food and Hospitality School. This allows them to enrich their training with the know-how of the people of these communities, who preserve their ancestral heritage and transform their history into a direct source of knowledge.


In addition to the technical knowledge acquired by each of the students, the experience provides a direct link to the community. This fits into our motto of "Learn by doing".

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There are many differences between the type of training provided in existing academic institutions in Ecuador and the Iche Food and Hospitality School.  

A first characteristic of the Iche School is it´s full-time training program. It is not just about conceptual training, but also includes methodologies and content that have been developed in order to complement the theoretical dimension with fully structured practices that allow students to graduate not only with knowledge, but also with skills and aptitudes to become catalysts for a movement to promote Manabí cuisine as an engine to transform the Province. 


Additionally, as a School-Restaurant that is focused on supporting a vulnerable population without the academic advantages that usually come from a privileged social position, Iche provides specialized training that enables students to make an optimal commitment to society. In order to be free from the financial needs that force them to earn a living and not be able to study, the Iche School-Restaurant pays for their internships. Each month the students receive 40 hours of theoretical and practical training with expert instructors. Depending on the health situation, accommodation and food is granted for the students who live far away from the School-Restaurant. 

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