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El Placer de la Rica Recipe Book, Healthy Food from Manabí

After facilitating workshops on nutrition and responsible consumption in five communities in northern  Manabí, the FUEGOS team  shared concepts on how to balance nutrients in the use of locally-produced food. Each participating community member brought food from their gardens and farms. FUEGOS supplemented these  with protein-rich foods and the result was the preparation of delicious, sustainable and healthy dishes. Recipes were modified with  the language used by the communities, and included the names of the co-creators together with photos of Manabi food. The cookbook provides  nutritional advice and explanations about the value of traditional Manabi cooking techniques and  is available in digital form; in addition, there are 2,000 printed copies that are being used in training sessions in the province.


Food as an engine of transformation

Promoting the comprehensive territorial development of northern Manabí through the first  Commonwealth Culinary Tourism Route in Ecuador.

Its objective is to establish in the four counties that make up the Commonwealth of Northern Pacific Manabí, the first joint route of culinary tourism in Ecuador to permit discovering the territory from its spectacular food. The route will attract the growing national and international market of culinary tourists to generate jobs, promote responsible consumption and sustainable production while contributing to the well-being of the population, the comprehensive territorial development of the Commonwealth and the positioning of Manabí as a world-renowned culinary destination. It proposes 3 strategies: Participatory construction of the Route; Capacity building; and Conformation of an  Integrative Manabita Food Movement.

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Flavors of Ecuador: Food Tech for Food Innovation

It seeks to develop the gastronomic ecosystem that promotes: the generation of shorter and more localized value chains that favor local consumption models and that respect the biodiversity and traditions of each region; the inclusion of technology, to ensure sanitary standards, quality, traceability and innovation in food preparation; and a change of focus in gastronomic development in which health and environmental sustainability will be fundamental pillars to create a value bet for the growing number of consumers seeking a healthier and more ecological lifestyle.




The project seeks  to promote gastronomic ventures in Manabí by coordinating the construction and equipping of 24 food trucks , through the training of women entrepreneurs  e to operate   a food truck.   These small culinary  ventures will contribute to the establishment of a gastronomic movement aimed at boosting local economies and social inclusion, as well as the strengthening of cultural identity.

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Comida como motor transformacion
Food tech
Emprendimiento en movimiento
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